NR Public School

Welcome to N.R. Public School

The School believes in creating well balanced individuals by encouraging them to excel in the curriculum, while promoting all round growth through sports, music, art and other activities essential to the holistic development of the child.
Our emphasis is on great teaching using modern methods and tools, while imparting traditional Indian values, to empower them. This is how, we believe, they will learn to think for themselves, face the world outside and unlock their latent genius.


Interactive Digi Classes

The school has spacious bright and airy interactive class rooms to make the learning process relevant and engaging for students. Where the students can learn through demonstrations. The software includes curriculum of the subjects as English Math’s, Science, Syllabus prescribed by C.B.S.E. Board.

Interactive Language Lab

The school provides the facility of improving Language skill to all its students through ILL. The Lab helps to improve the pronunciation, communication skill fluency, accent and facial expression.

Close circuit cameras are placed at each focusing place inside and outside of classroom to have a keen watch over all activities of students and teachers through single table.

Computer Lab

An updated and user friendly computer Lab ensure that our young people are growing up in the global knowledge society. Computer science is introduced as a subject in class I and is part of the curriculum up to class VIII. The school houses modern and Hi-tech Computer Lab with latest PCS having facility of filtered internet connection.

Each student will be given his/her own e-mail address and encouraged to use the internet as a research tool for both project and home work.


The school has a grand library which contains a good stock of rare and valuable books on health, yoga, history, literature, religion, art and craft, culture, encyclopedia, story books, reference books etc. various newspaper and magazines are also subscribed.

Science Labs

At N.R. Public school we promote the sciences of chemistry, Biology and Physics in simultaneous way so as to ensure that an eagerness to learn and explore is consistently maintained. Our highly qualified teaching staff are constantly seeking new ways of presenting the science.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness in the child is included and encouraged from a very early stage. Science and their under lying concepts are brought alive through models, charts and mature walks.


Learning is the process where regular assessment is needed. The school strictly follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to assess its students prescribed by C.B.S.E. A series of test assignment and project work are given and evaluated in all classes. Their progress is also monitored and recorded at the end of each Formative and Summative Assessment. Promotion to next class is granted on the basis of cumulative scores achieved at the end of the academic year.


At N.R. Public school we provide the best faculty to our students. The teachers are highly qualified, experienced having deep subject knowledge to meet out the purpose of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. They are very attentive and devoted to the children need also friendliness and caring about students as individual.


At N.R. Public school, we categories our students into four houses inspiring by the names of great leaders and personalities as. Vivekanand House, Tagore House, Subhash House and Shivaji House. The division provides the opportunities as a better organizational setup for a healthy competition in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Each house has House In charge along with House teachers and House Captain and vice-Captain from students side. All activities of houses are coordinated by the House Coordinator.

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