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Setting the Stage

Drama is a vibrant and varied subject which has something to offer each and every pupil. As part of the creative arts, it is a practical and emotional awareness, confidence and understanding are integral, to develop knowledge of theory, skill and practice.


Sport Facilities

A healthy mind consist in a healthy body. We promote the enjoyment of physical activity and an active life style through the medium of sport. Sport like football, cricket, tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball are the parts of sporting activity, are being given by good and experienced trainer and are actively pursued by the students of the school.


A special training of Taekwondo is being given to the of students for both boys and girls for their self defense and protection.

Mind, body and Soul

Caring for the body and soul at N.R. Public school underpins our commitment to your child’s well-being and complete development. Meditation, Yoga and chapel encourage the students to attune themselves to their spiritual selves enabling them to identify with the universe and hence inculcate self-worth and virtues of patience, tolerance concentration and consistency.

Music To Your Ears

The school provides the opportunity to train its students from very beginning. Our music tutors, who themselves are extremely accomplished musicians will teach, encourage and make music the fun and pleasurable experience.

The Art of Design

Individuality and personal experience lie at the heart of much of the work produced in the Art Department. The institution provides the opportunity to work with traditional styles of art, creating items of household utility as well as object of art to bring out enhance the skill in each of our students.

Building confidence is a priority at all levels : at a younger age this is managed by designing task with a high successrate, with older children by developing personal work with continuous support. Your child will be given the widest possible opportunities to explore ideas, materials and processes.

We didn’t wait till conditions were perfect, we did what we could with what we had.

We made our own road where none existed, propelled with the one thing we had in abundance… the love and affection of the children.

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